About Us

Bautech Company is  a franco- lebanese-owned manufacturer of quality u-PVC windows and 
doors in Tanzania. We offer an extensive array of home improvement products,  Our state-of-the 
art automated machinery not only allows us to consistently manufacture to the highest possible 
standard, but also offer extremely quick and hassle-free turnarounds.We have an experienced 
design and manufacturing team who are more than happy to cater advice specific to your 
individual needs, while always ensuring that every aspect of the design process is covered, right 
through to installation. By choosing one of our energy efficient products 
(such as our double glazed windows), helping to create a better future for Tanzania.

From doors and windows profiles to PVC parts, PVC profile white and wood design, PVC panels for walls and ceilings with different colors and designs, PVC siding and its accessories we can manage your project by providing high quality products.


If you are looking for PVC profiles, Ceiling and wall panels then call us or drop us an email with your enquiry and let us handle the rest.


Our Vision
To provide our customers with top quality of all u-PVC models in windows/ doors, and we also 
provide Aulcobond, Curtain wall, Frameless, Cabinets, Showers & Baluster for very competitive prices.
Our Mission Statement
At Bautech we are committed to provide top quality Eco-friendly and energy efficient u-PVC 
windows and doors, manufactured in Tanzania by our dedicated and highly experienced 
staff, using the Germany technology, the art facility and equipment to deliver the Top quality 
and new designs with the most competitive prices for all our customers.
Our Values
Service & Respect
Integrity & Trust
Teamwork & Accountability
Supply to the market all the new 
in construction world.