PVC-U vs timber

Timber on the other hand, because it is impregnated with preservative treatments to reduce rot, isn’t the easiest material to recycle. Obviously, each piece of timber can only be used once to make a window, considerably less than the 10-times of PVC-U.
This independent assessment on the sustainability of PVC-U means that it achieves the highest ratings of any material. Here again the BRE has assigned PVC-U an ‘A’ rating when used in residential developments and an ‘A+’ in commercial projects.
Traditional good looks
Advances in woodgrain foils means that PVC-U windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber versions, with new finishes including Irish Oak, Cream and White Ash. Alongside this, improvements in overall sightlines, such as slimmer frame profiles, means that the window proportions more closely match the expectations of homeowners who aspire for a traditional aesthetic. Take a look at the photograph here – without the obvious issues with painted timber (left) it would be difficult to tell that the PVC-U window is the one on the right.
Take our new Charisma Classic, which combines original sash window aesthetics with modern, A-rated thermal performance. We specifically developed the range with a focus on aesthetics, for customers looking to satisfy exacting planning requirements such as conservation areas and historic buildings. 
Charisma Classic is able to do this because it features traditional aesthetics such as uniquely-designed, curvaceous decorative sash horns, a deep bottom rail to create a more balanced frame aesthetic and new infill trim that can be used in place of wool pile, again for better looks.
Options such as the improved Georgian glazing bars provide homeowners with another way of accentuating the traditional sash window aesthetic, which makes it virtually indistinguishable to the timber version.
Locking in heat
PVC-U windows have always had a reputation for energy efficiency. In fact, it was this that first lead to the massive uptake of PVC-U windows during the 1980’s. That, and the widespread availability of double glazing. At the time, homeowners had to put up with poorly fitting, rattling, single glazed timber windows. It was hardly surprising that with the introduction of highly engineered doubled glazed PVC-U windows, homeowners could immediately see the benefits. 
We continue this focus on the energy efficiency of our window, which is why the latest addition to our window range, Charisma Classic, comfortably achieves an A-rated Window Energy Rating. This is possible by using 100% recycled PVC-U Thermal Inserts, adding to the sustainability of the material, to create a six-chambered profile system that locks heat inside your home! 
All recycling at Eurocell is carried out in the UK, unlike some other companies that ship the material to mainland Europe, adding to the carbon miles. Following a £3m investment in enlarging our recycling facility, now the largest in the UK, we are proud to say our products are: Made and Recycled in Derbyshire.